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The Total Money Makeover


The goal of this is to equip you with the tools to take charge of your finances to lead you out of debt and into financial freedom with practical ways of achieving this goal. This is a workshop for anyone, of any age and any income.

Do you want to build a budget that actually works for you? Are you ready to transform your relationship with money? This New York Times bestseller has already helped millions of people just like you learn how to develop everyday money-saving habits with the help of finance coach, Dave Ramsey.

By now, you’ve already heard all of the nutty get-rich-quick schemes and the fiscal diet fads that leave you with a lot of quirky ideas but not a penny in your pocket. If you’re tired of the lies and sick of the false promises, Dave Ramsey provides practical, long-term help. The Total Money Makeover is the simplest, most straightforward game plan for completely changing your finances. And, best of all, these principles are based on results, not pie-in-the-sky fantasies. This is the financial reset you’ve been looking for.

The Total Money Makeover: will give you the tools and the encouragement you need to:

  • Design a sure-fire plan for paying off all debt–from your cars to your home and everything in between using the debt snowball method
  • Break bad habits and make lasting changes when it comes to your relationship with money
  • Recognize the 10 most dangerous money myths
  • Secure a healthy nest egg for emergencies and set yourself up for retirement
  • Become financially healthy for life
  • Live like no one else, so later you can LIVE (and GIVE) like no one else!

It is important that you buy the Dave Ramsey book, as we will be working through The Total Money Makeover book together. You can buy the book from any book store (CUM Books, Exclusive Books) or online at TakeAlot.

Below the info for the next workshop: (once a month on a Thursday evening)

Date: Thursday 11 April 2024

Time: 18h30 for 19h00

Venue: Highway Church Auditorium (Coffees and Teas will be provided in the foyer)

In preparation for the next workshop, read the following chapters in the book:

Chapter 3: Debt Myths / Chapter 4: Money Myths

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NOTE: For your peace of mind, children are welcome. We will have volunteers looking after children aged 4 to 12 in the Base Camp area. High school children sit with their parents in the auditorium and are please not to walk around unsupervised.

Kindly let us know if you are bringing your children and also bring activities to keep them busy, e.g. toys, colouring books etc. and perhaps a blanket.

The DNA course will be taking place in the coffee shop at the same time. Please note that refreshments and  food are catered for the DNA guests only.


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