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Testimony of God's faithfulness and His provision. Johan Grobler

Posted on Tuesday, March 08 2016

We have had the privilege to sit under many teachings in this church from a team of leaders; Great, Godly leadership. Men who lead us well.

We are encouraged often to come expectant to church, to hear from God, to allow Him to speak into your heart. I want to encourage you to do exactly that!

This is what this has meant to me and my family. I was in a very difficult work situation for just over 2 years, during which time I was facing many challenges - and to be honest, I was struggling through them. I was taking strain.

George bought us a series of messages- “dignify the challenge”. Some of the points I still remember God does not sleep He is not surprised God has a plan, I am part if His plan. I need to be the salt and light to this place where God put me, they need me!

My challenge can be a testimony.

This is where God turned things around for me!

I could now face the challenges with a renewed perspective. So, when we had salary cuts - I could witness to others that this is not problem - I trust in an almighty God who knew this was coming. He’s got this under control. A small side note here. This family, His family, supported us in some awesome ways here. Words of encouragement, genuine concern.. And even filled up our chest freezer with top class meat- “t-bones” and “steaks”! The cream of the best stuff!

Because it was on their hearts to do so- before there was any talk of a retrenchment at my work.

Ok, so- we were praying that God would relieve me from this work. Many of you had been praying for this with us- and we were praying that God would place me in a place of work that would surpass our expectation. In addition to this we were praying that God would give me a work that would:

And God heard our prayers. I was relieved of that work end of 2015.

Not how I expected it.. I was retrenched.

Now, one of the challenges I had faced was the MD’s reluctance to pay his suppliers- and employees that he wanted to let go, which usually happened with less than a weeks notice. God's Hand here - I was given 6 weeks notice. Here is another glimpse of God's goodness. I was copied in on some emails where the MD was asking his labour lawyer what his responsibilities were in retrenching. And this is exactly what he did- he applied the BCEA to the letter. A settlement agreement drawn up and signed accordingly.

Did God have His hand on this- here's more. We had a holiday booked for early December- my notice month. The MD had cancelled other employees leave for lesser reasons- but MD said, no.. Go on holiday. In fact - no need to come back to office to sit and wait. If we need you, we'll call. He did not deduct additional leave!

Then, the company applied for a tax directive so I can receive the settlement payment with no deductions. This can take weeks to approve- submitted in a Friday at 12:00.. And was approved by 16:00 same day. God has His way.

End December, first payment from the company is due.. It was received on time. Roughly equal to a month salary amount. I'm applying for jobs.. Hear nothing. No interview. Nothing. End January comes.

The payment I’m expecting is not received. What should I do.. Should I call MD? No, I leave it I decided. An hour later the MD sends me a message me to say sorry payment was not made but he, will pay within week. God had gone before me here too! He is so good! And I did get the full amount due.

Towards end February - I receive a call from a previous employer. They are looking for someone to fill a training position. Reasons why I left- the main instigating issue- removed to the USA! Not coming back. That’s how far God removed the problems!

Long story shortened here, I get offered the position.

Is God in control of this.. Here are the details. I am welcomed back feeling like a hero. I am not in a management position but they left me on a management leave level regarding the benefits Wait.. there’s more..

They are moving office from Midrand to Centurion- 5km from my house. How good is this? Wait. God has the Trump card still to play..

They want to pay for me to study civil engineering!

Is God in control? Yes.

Did He answer our prayers?

Yes, abundantly.

Does He love us as His children? Can we doubt it?! Does our Father want to bless us beyond our expectation? Amazingly, yes.

I thank my wife for her support in this time. Gayle, you never doubted.

Thank you to this family (our local church) for your support in prayer and encouraging words. To the leaders of this church, thank you for faithfully bringing God's word to us- we never know the impact of that word you bring to us at the time. I want to give God the glory and praise for this testimony. He has protected us as a family, He has more than sustained us. He has blessed us.

Our God is an awesome God.

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Testimony of God's faithfulness and His provision. Johan Grobler

Posted on Tuesday March 08 2016

We have had the privilege to sit under many teachings in this church from a team of leaders; Great, Godly leadership. Men who lead us ...

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